The REBarCamp experience is headed to Brisbane… and you’re invited!

Participants REBarCamp Sydney

What is an REBarCamp I hear you ask? Well, its often referred to as an ‘Unconference’… where: YOU (not the organisers) get to set the agenda. You get to join in the sessions that suit you. You’re actively encouraged to leave sessions that don’t suit you. You can actually facilitate a session on a topic that really appeals to you, if you like. It sounds interesting. Tell me more. REBarcamps are a great networking experience, but most of all they've been a great learning and … [Read more...]

Well, that was Sydney. Where to next?…

After much fan fare and a bucket load of work I was 1 of 140 registrants for the inaugural #rebcsyd which was held in Sydney on May 24. Although we didn't match our numbers of registrants with the number of attendees I reckon we had certainly cracked the magic ton. **  REBarcamps have a great following in the USA with over 70 of these events having now been run with great success. The challenge for the Aussie organisers was whether there would be a transference of the energy and openness of … [Read more...]

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