The REBarCamp experience is headed to Brisbane… and you’re invited!

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What is an REBarCamp I hear you ask?

Peter Brewer's REBarCamp lanyardWell, its often referred to as an ‘Unconference’… where:

  • YOU (not the organisers) get to set the agenda.
  • You get to join in the sessions that suit you.
  • You’re actively encouraged to leave sessions that don’t suit you.
  • You can actually facilitate a session on a topic that really appeals to you, if you like.

It sounds interesting. Tell me more.

REBarcamps are a great networking experience, but most of all they’ve been a great learning and sharing experience.

Born in the USA 4 years ago the REBarCamp movement has been a massive success giving real estate agents an opportunity in a brand agnostic environment to openly and honestly discuss the things that interest them most in business today.

OK, it sounds interesting. But just because it’s from America doesn’t make it right for Australia. Has it been done here?

Absolutely! Australia has hosted 2 REBarCamps so far this year, in Sydney in May, and October in Perth.

Both events have been resounding successes with great feedback from attendees

David Willis – Remax. REBarCamp was a tremendous experience. The learnings, the new connections that I made and the friends I reconnected with were so valuable that dollars can’t pay for them…..

John Mason – I thought the barfest thingy was top notch. I gleaned some useful info from it, picked up a few pointers. All in all the craic was good.

Greg Vincent – Trainer – Mentor. It was great to see people with a common question or goal, regardless of their brand, openly sharing their ideas and stories with each other. Could this be the future of new conference sharing in Australia?
The organizers are like-minded real estate people in the field and in offices just like you, and from various real estate brands or organisations. None of them are paid. They do it because of their love for the business and learning.

No-one will be asked to buy anything. And in fact if we find anyone trying to sell you anything we’ll personally throw them out the door. Sure, we happily take selected sponsors money to assist in paying for the venue, coffee, some A/V supplies, some marketing support to promote the event and even a few beers and wines at the end of the day, but those sponsors are chosen for their agreement to not sell at your REBarCamp event.

OK, I’m still interested. What sort of topics will be discussed at REBarCamp Brisbane?

Well, the answer is: Whatever you’d like to chat or learn about! Its entirely your choice!      REBarcamp Sydney

Typically though the type of topics in the first 2 Australian REBarcamp’s have included.

· ‘Does social media have a place in my business future and why and how’
· ‘Getting the most out of video’.
· ‘Managing my digital footprint and online reputation’
· ‘I have a CRM system. What next?’
· ‘Marketing real estate on a modest budget’
· ‘Working with PA’s. What about Virtual PA’s?’
· ‘Wordpress. An opportunity to create and manage my own website’
· ‘What are the best Apps for productivity in Real Estate’

* IPad and iPhone or Samsung and Something else?’

That’s not a bad mix of topics hey! And typically the discussion groups are of a maximum 30 people. So there’s plenty of opportunity to get involved.

How cool to learn and share with your peers that are faced with the same challenges. They say 2 heads are better than 1… Well, try it with 200. It’s AWESOME!

OK, I’m even more interested. What does it cost to come and who’s behind it? How can I be sure it’s not a ‘front’ for a rogue Tupperware syndicate?

It’s absolutely free to attend an REBarCamp. You might need to buy your own lunch, or you can bring a sandwich. There is no charge! It’s an unconference. There is no profit motive, no sales pitch, no single sponsor… just a day of learning, sharing and networking!

OK, you’ve got me. I’m in. It sounds like a great day. How do I register?

REBarCamp Brisbane is on November 30. It’s a Wednesday. It’s at the Pineapple Hotel on Main Street, Kangaroo Point/East Brisbane.

Register while there are still spots by going to and hit the ‘Like’ button and then click through to the ‘Tickets’ tab.

Oh and YES, we’d love you to bring a friend. Just get them to register as well.

Meh. I’m not totally convinced. I think I’ll pass.

That’s cool. We only want you to join us if you’re totally committed to advancing your career and sharing great information with other great people who want to do the same. It’s not an event for everyone. Not that we’ve met anyone who didn’t have a blast at their REBarCamp experience.

Need more info?

Sure. Feel free to contact any of the organising team via the Facebook page.

Peter Brewer - | Glenn Batten – First National Nerang | Amanda Hack – REIQ | Kim Voullaire - Inlinemedia Biz |Danika Smedley – PRD Nationwide | Kevin Turner - REUNCUT


(We’ve been blessed in the past with wonderful support from great people like (the organisers of AREC), MyDesktop and REUNCUT.  And we’re on the look out for small sponsorships for this event too. Typically $250.00 is all we’d like to see in case you know someone who loves the industry as much as we do. I’m always happy to chat with sponsors on 0417 630 962)

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